Route 777 Slots

Route 777 slots are the legendary highway that runs through the American desert and in this slot machine you can travel all the way from New York to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Swedish game provider ELK Studios has created this great video slot, which offers a lot of winning chances.Route 777 Slots

The game is built as a classic slot machine with a retro feel, but there are many modern bonus features that make the game an exciting experience. The maximum amount you can win in Route 777 is a total of 400 0000 coins!

Overtake Respins in Route 777 Slots

In this desert theme slots are 3 reels and 3 rows in Route 777 slots. When it lands 2 symbols of each type next to each other on the first 2 reels, the Overtake Respins feature is triggered. The first 2 reels remain in place, while the third reel is spinning. In total, you get 5 Respins. After each Respin, the 2 locked reels jump down one step, while the third reel continues to spin.

Free Spins Bonus Game

The skull symbol is the game’s bonus symbol and it fills several different features. When it pops up 3 skulls in the main game, you win 5 Free Spins and the bonus game starts right away. While playing with Free Spins, more skulls can appear on the reels. If you get 2 pieces you win between 5 to 15 Free Spins. How many people get determined randomly. Succeeding in getting up 3 skulls activates the bonus game Route 777 slots Fortune Wheel.

Fortune Wheel

The bonus game is a Wheel of fortune that plays in different ways. There are blue, red and grey searches as well as a fourth symbol that is all the colours together. The wheel of Fortune automatically spins and the needle stops on one of the Seys or on the stop sign. Stopping it on the stop sign ends the bonus game. And you go back to Free Spins if you had any left or to the main game if they were exhausted when the bonus game was triggered. The searches have three levels; Seven, double seven or triple seven.Route 777 Slots

The wheel stays on a blue seven, then once more on a blue seven you go up a level. All the levels the wheel has stopped on are counted together at the end. If the wheel stops at all three levels, you win the totals from all three levels in total, not just from one level or from one colour. This is where you can win the game’s jackpot.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are really nice, especially in the animated background that gets one in the right mood. On top of the reels, there is a display similar to the one you can see on American highways. There are various motifs from the roads and the desert that Route 777 slots go through, such as different cars, scorpions, animal skulls and motorcycles. The display also shows what happens on the reels. The music in Route 777 is rock-inspired and very fitting. The sound effects are a combination of sounds from classic slot machines, motor vehicles and rock instruments. Occasionally, messages are also called out by an American speaker voice. This is a very neat game that lives up to the high quality that you would expect from ELK Studios.


The theme is really quite common among casino slots, but Route 777 slots still feel unique when it comes to the game’s design and design. At first glance, it may seem a bit simple, but once you start playing you will notice that there are fantastic chances of winning and that the bonus features are actually quite advanced. The game has a payback percentage of 96.3% and high volatility. The winnings may not be paid out very often, but once you win, the high sums are valid. Don’t miss Route 777, because it’s a game worth trying your luck on.